Please Download Firefox 3 NOW!!

For a long time now I've been wanting to help get the word out about the beauty behind Firefox browsers and why it is the best browser out there, and since today is the day Mozilla is launching version 3, I thought I should post about it now. I know that the majority of my blogs are dedicated to skincare topics, but today I want to bring up something that I strongly believe in and am asking you to support/try out for yourself. It's supporting programs that make a big difference in peoples lives, whatever they may be. Today I would love for you to download the new Firefox Internet Browser. It's FIREFOX 3. I can promise you if you are using any other browser (and currently Internet Explorer by Microsoft is the most popular) you will not go back to it after trying Firefox by Mozilla.

Why is this so special and so important to me?
It's what's inside and behind the program. First of all, unlike other browsers such as Internet Explorer, there is not a huge corporation behind this program. Most importantly, it is not a "closed" platform of software. "Closed" as for example the programs of Microsoft, which do not release the details of their software, giving only Microsoft complete developmental control over add-on programs, tweaks, etc. So basically, to add increased functionality to Microsoft programs, you have to wait for them to develop them. On the other hand, the people that make Firefox, the Mozilla company, are special and successful for one major reason . . . their programming software is "open sourced". What does this mean? This means that anyone, and I mean anyone that can program, can contribute to the development of add-on programs and tools.

What does this mean again?!?!
So let's say for people, especially those who spend a lot of time on the net, would like to increase their productivity. They want little buttons here and there on their browser to keep check on things like . . . do I have new mail, how many people are browsing my blog now, I want to update my facebook quote, etc . . . ALL WITHOUT HAVING TO OPEN A SINGLE WEBPAGE.

One example that blows me away.
Say you have multiple Google GMAIL accounts. You think you have to log out of each account to check the next? Well, not with Firefox. See, with Firefox, you download an add-on (developed by amazingly wonderful independent programmers from around the world only to make your life better, and they can do this because the Firefox software is OPEN SOURCED!). Get my drift? Anyway, this add-on called "Gmail manager" allows you to list all of your gmail accounts and check them ALL instantly! And better yet, it's just a box in the bottom of your browser so you don't actually have to even go to any webpage!! You get work done without even a click! You save up to hours a day surfing the web with Firefox and the add-ons you can apply! Click here to go to Gmail manager's homepage.

Can't do it without Firefox!
To be honest, I do not believe I could be blogging and keeping up with all the things in my life without it, and I believe that, certainly, (and as most computer geeks believe) open source programming is the way of the future. And this is one of the best things to happen in the field of technology and society in general, because it is successful only and because of a community of people, open to anyone that can program. You can be a self-taught programmer in China, to a top of the line programmer in Europe who wants to build add-ons on their spare time. It doesn't matter. And with this comes so many more options that are possible than one corporation can produce, even if they are as large as Microsoft.

So please, give Firefox a try and download their latest version today! And today they are trying to break a record for the most downloads of all time in a 24 hour period. Please contribute to this program and for the philosophy behind it, that is, opening up the world to be more integrated and interconnected.

BTW, please just ask anyone who uses Firefox, I'm sure they can gush on about it as well, especially if they spent a lot of time on the net. For those of you who already know the wonders of Firefox, I'm sure you've got my back! I urge you all as well to spread the word on Firefox as well!

Please click here to go to the download and information page. Or click here to just start downloading now!

Please note, I am in no way affiliated with Mozilla or its product Firefox. This is a completely unsolicited endorsement and I am asking you to support Firefox solely on my behalf. Firefox has improved my life literally and significantly, I want to be able to say that I did my part in trying to get the word out on a program and programming philosophy that I believe is helpful to everyone.

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Brendan said...

I have to admit firefox is much better than internet explorer. I didn't know there was going to be an update, thanks for the heads up dr d.



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