Monday, December 10, 2012

Poor Baby Vaseline Marketing! Stay away from the Pink Jar.

Happy Monday all!

I was walking down the aisle of a store in Queens when I noticed the two different Vaseline Jars next to each other. One was pink Baby Vaseline and the other being the common blue jar of Vaseline. So of course this piqued my curiosity...What is the difference between the two? In my mind, I assumed incorrectly (like most people I'm sure) that the Baby Vaseline would be somehow more gentle or appropriate for babies. I don't know how you could even make Vaseline more gentle this is why I turned the jars around to read the labels.

Much to my dismay, I found out what makes "Baby" so special. Take a look at the picture. The jar on the left in the second picture corresponds to the Baby Vaseline and the one on the right is the regular Vaseline.

Here are the ingredients...
REGULAR VASELINE: 100% White Petrolatum.
BABY VASELINE: 99.96% White Petrolatum, Fragrance.

Seems like making a product smell particularly "baby fresh" by adding artificial fragrance deems it better for babies than pure product without the fragrance. Shame on you Unilever. In today's age of issues with baby allergens and exposure to hormone altering chemicals in every-day products, we should be extra-vigilant to ensure our growing babies receive only the best in their healthcare products. Now, I'm sure the fragrance is overall quite harmless, but WHY would you even include it in a product aimed for babies, when the regular Vaseline product is completely fragrance free!? This is just an example of marketing at it's best (or worst).


Nelson Jaken said...

Great post. Your skin care tips is very good and informative. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

maz said...

Thanks a bunch was about to buy the baby vasaline thinking its more natural. If I hadn't come across your post wouldn't have known otherwise!

Elixis said...

I just checked mine here in canada it doesn't list 'fragrance' on it even tho it smells. Are they evenot allowed to do that?