Easy Mondays: SD ALCOHOL: what is it?

Good Monday Morning! As a general rule of thumb, I'll try and keep Monday's blogs simple and light, maybe use it to prep for the rest of the week. Mondays are tough enough already, I certainly won't want to add to the stress!
A side note: did you know that heart attacks are most frequent on Mondays . . . not hard to imagine why!

Today we'll bring up one of the most common ingredients in skincare, SD Alcohol. A lot of you already know what this is, but let's just go over it again! Basically it's really just ethyl alcohol (pictured in 3D molecular form above), or plain old drinking alcohol found in liquors, beer, and wine. It has just one little difference, and that's where the "SD" comes into play. SD stands for "Specially Denatured". What does that mean? This just means that a special chemical has been added to the ethyl alcohol to make it undrinkable. To prevent inappropriate consumption of cosmetics products for their alcohol content, the government requires the addition of the ingredient denatonium benzoate (pictured below).

Denatonium benzoate is literally know to be one of the bitterest tasting compounds ever! It is so bitter that only about 1 part denatonium benzoate is used in 20,000 parts alcohol. So basically if you had 20,000 gallons of alcohol you'd only need to add one gallon denatonium benzoate to make it bitter enough to not be drinkable. That's bitter!

So that's what SD Alcohol is . . . just regular drinking alcohol with the most minute amount of nasty tasting denatonium benzoate to make it undrinkable.

Critical Thinking: A lot of you are probably already are wanting to know more about this so-called denatonium benzoate. What the heck is it anyway? Do we know if it's really safe? I'm getting there . . .
Most research shows that it is quite harmless. Many a poor rat has been given way more of this substance than could realistically ever be consumed. There's been no adverse reactions or any known detrimental effects even in large amounts. It has been shown to be toxic at only extremely high levels (in human terms, let's say a 150 pound person would have to eat rougly over a pound of the stuff, and that's not going to happen).

Well, enjoy the rest of your MONDAY! And we'll talk more about alcohols later this week!


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