Ingredient Blogs: Learning about common product ingredients

One of the features of this blog will be small and easy to digest pieces about common ingredients in products. So much of product label ingredients are so hard to decipher like "cyclopentasiloxane" or "PEG" . . . I mean what the heck are these? Unfortunately, for almost all of us, it just resigns us to be content with just not knowing. But that's not the TRUTH in SKINCARE way!

Actually, these ingredients usually just sound scary . . . but even if you can't really pronounce them, the reasons they are used, what they do, and their properties can usually be easily explained. One of my goals with this blogsite is to feature small blogs on one ingredient at a time to show you that it's really not scary and before you know it, you can pick up a label and smile and just think to yourself . . . "I know what that is" or maybe you'll say "what the heck are you doing in this product mr. bad ingredient?!?"

I promise to try and keep it light and easy to understand. After all, most of you blog readers are quite educated on skincare and this is just a great complementary way to increase your skincare knowledge!

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