LIP CARE GONE TO POT! Lip Care Hygiene.

Ok . . . now I know you all love those lip balms in those oh-so-cute tubs, jars, etc. But, unfortunately, I'm here to spoil the party. It has always boggled my mind why so many "respectable" companies (this includes even some physician formulated lines) would compromise on their customer's lip gloss hygienics. If you are using any method that requires the use of your finger to apply lip gloss, this is the "no,no" topic for today.

Short and to the point. Two of the dirtiest places on the human body include your fingers (especially under the nails) and the mouth. It's just asking for trouble. Just a side note to illustrate how dirty our hands are . . . in hospitals, not washing hands between patient encounters is the #1 way we doctors spread germs around to other patients! Now, it's one thing to always wash our hands before applying these lip products, but we all know that this is pretty much not the case. When most people re-apply lip gloss, they're not even near a sink! Even worse, reapplying on the mass transit commute . . . do you really know what's been on those subway grips?

Some basic lip care hygiene tips:
  • Consider buying a new lip product if you've used it while being sick (so stick to the cheapo balms when sick so you don't have to throw out your favorite designer gloss).
  • Make sure that you lip gloss (especially if it requires your finger to apply) contains a preservative. This is important, at least the preservative can help inhibit any bacterial growth, especially important since your fingers would be introducing germs into the pot anyway.
  • Throw out old lip glosses and the like.
  • Never share lip products.
So who's with me in throwing out those dirty (but cute) lip gloss pots?? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dr. David,

Thanks for grossing me out! I'm already obsessive about replacing my mascara, now you've completely (and rightly) freaked me out about my lipgloss pots.

Great food for thought...

arlene said...

does the use of a lip brush help in this case?

DR. DAVID M.D. said...

Hi Arlene,
You've exposed me for the typical "guy" that I am. I had to actually look up lip brushes to know exactly what they were!

Ok, so from what I get, lip brushes are used to apply lip gloss (especially ones from a pot) to your lips. And in this case, yes, lip brushes are definitely better than using an uncleaned finger.

I just saw a video about retractable lip brushes, and I would also suggest using one of these over a regular lip brush to keep the tip as clean as possible. Also washing the tip off often would be good practice.

Neil said...

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Paul said...
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Paul said...

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