Weekend edition: A MUST READ BOOK!

Make this the first beauty book you read!! Color Stories by Mary Lisa Gavenas is a phenomenal and eye-opening book into the (very scary) world of the beauty industry. I ran across this book and was surprised that this book is still not on the top seller list. To be honest, books like these should be a mandatory read in every person's life (and the younger the better). They give an insight to the workings of the real world and the utterly real and dark side of Capitalism.

Mary Lisa served as beauty editor for Mirabella, In Style, and Glamour . . . so if anyone can tell you about the workings of the beauty industry, it's her. Usually most people in these positions go along with the lies and deceptions of the industry, so I give her extra kudos for exposing us to the truths!

In this book you'll learn amazing facts that'll open your eyes such as . . .
  • Learn why you can't put any trust in magazing recommendations of beauty and fashion products.
  • Learn how when a magazine says makeup is by 'X' brand, it simply is NOT true.
  • Learn how "hot" styles, colors, and products have nothing to do with real art, but are just products of large corporate industry machinations.
  • Learn how the cosmetics world can literally get away with murder.
  • What really goes on backstage at a fashion show.
  • Learn that makeup artists use different makeup in their actual work vs. what their lines' sell.
All in all, this book is a quick read (and you won't be able to put it down!). This helps you put your thoughts into perspective about how the beauty industry works. So before you fall for another (multi-million dollar) ad campaign designed ONLY to get you to buy buy buy, please read this book!

BTW . . . I am in no way connected to this book, nor am I endorsed by or paid by anyone related to this book. My glowing review is because this book is truly a relevant and must read book in anyone's life, especially if you spend money on skincare and cosmetics (this should cover just about everyone!).

So go out and read this book, it'll make for a fun and terrific read . . .
Click HERE to learn more about this book by going to it's website.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder why people bother paying big money to put chemicals on thier face or natural ingeredients that have lost their properties form bieng processed and stored, why not just use real food, like fresh pineapple as a face peel, or better still, drink plenty of water and fresh food, thats what makes skin look so good.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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