Bloggers under the influence?

It's Friday! Thank God. As promised, I'll keep today's blog light and easy! It's raining here, but I love the rain. Anyway, yesterday it seems the beauty blogging world was totally set on fire. Apparently, a NY Times article (click here to read, must be logged in) was published covering the beauty blogging world.

Both this piece and what beauty bloggers have to say in response to it are worthy of some more discussions. So this weekend I'll write a response to it and I'll finally get a chance to address items like non-disclosure, blogger recommendations, blogger influences, what readers should know, how this relates to the bigger world, etc.

I can say for now that this piece was written clearly with a preconceived agenda. It was hardly insightful and certainly was not an intelligent or academic exercise in journalism. More on that in this weekend's post!

Enough with all that! Let me share with you a link to a site called Happy News. I like to go frequently just to get a shot of warm fuzzies, which is obviously needed in today's media! So, if you get tired of the same negative stories and agenda-pushing journalists and media companies than check out Happy News. You can subscribe to it by RSS feed as well. That's it for now. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekends!

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