A Dangerous Trend . . . BORBA continues with misleading claims.

One of the TiS readers forwarded me this video (thanks!) of BORBA founder Scott-Vincent Borba talking about how his new "drinkable skincare" products will help improve various skin types or skin problems. Please remember, that this is a complete misrepresentation of the products and what they will do. This is my 2nd posting on BORBA because I think this is a dangerous market to start opening up. Watch the misrepresentation in action below.

For those who missed the first review of these so-called "drinkable" skin benefits, here's the original post. Remember, there is absolutely no way (with today's technology and science) to get targeted skincare from a drink, especially as this video claims. Stay smart and save your money.

Especially harmful is the notion that making martinis using these drinks would be helpful. Any hydrating effects of the drink (or any drink for that matter) would be voided by the dehydrating effects of the alcohol!


SK said...

WOW! When I worked for Nordstrom cosmetics we got trained on this line and the rep constantly used the term "bio-available" to convince us that the benefits were immediate. Again, I didn't question it too much and figured it made sense that the vitamins would be immediately absored by drinking them. I have heard that when you take a supplement only a portion of it is actually absorbed by your system. I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies but since I'm a vegetarian I need to take a daily supplement as well. Thank you for this! I have the 'to-go' packets of Borba sitting at home because I didn't like the taste anyway (thankfully I didn't pay for them, we got them in the training class).

Anonymous said...

YUCK! The drinks are gross anyway. I am glad you are exposing these frauds. I work for a personal care company and I can not tell you, actually you probably do know, how much BS and lying goes on. And it's just accepted and that's just life at these companies.

I heart Truth in Skincare!
Thanks for your work Dr. David.

Anonymous said...

That's Horrible!!!