Dr. David Loves "Kiva.org"

I'm sure you've heard the talk of Kiva. Even former president Bill Clinton goes on about it. If you haven't, then please check out this wonderful site. It's one of my favorite programs. You lend money (even very small amounts) to entrepreneurs and people that need it in the rest of the world. Usually a loan of a few hundred dollars means financial success for a lot of these recipients.

I found a great video that's about 5 minutes and produced by PBS about Kiva.org in action. You can watch the tangible benefits it produces. The best part about it all, you can loan out even $25 to help change someones life forever, and you get your money back! It's the best win-win situation. BTW, all the details are at the site. I'll add the link to kiva.org to the "Dr. David Loves" section on the right sidebar.

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