"Graduate Level" Blog! Usin' R Noodlz!

To let you know how smart you all are . . . this blog was rated "Graduate School" level. (Whatever the scoring system is, I mean to point out that it requires some serious brain activity to get through these blogs (it drains me brain too:-) With all the passive reading done on most of the internet (i.e. news and entertainment readings) it is good to stop and have to use the brain in a more interactive way (at least it gives your lips a workout, I mean with having to pronounce words like "Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate" that's like 40 calories right there (i kid).

It's good to get a balanced diet on the net as well as your meals! You can always do the junk food reading (I have done my share of gossip site readings) but it's good to incorporate other activities on the web that involve stimulating other parts of your brain (i.e. crossword puzzles, soduku, science blogs, etc.). In general, it's good to use the medium of the Internet to also bring growth and positive stimulation into our lives.

The Internet is actually one area in life where you have total control of the information you receive and the environment you create. There are phenomenal choices of what blogs to read and what sites to surf, so you can choose sites that define you and help you grow. Make up your own diet. Our lives are already phenomenally busy, and the internet sometimes is our only exploratory outlet into the wider world. Make sure to support the people and sites you believe are worthy of you precious time. I suggest, if you surf for hours on the net, put some good time into doing web research: search for sites that will help you make your life easier.

Have a great day brainiacs!

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