KISS MY FACE: Not with that ingredient List (part 2)

Somethings 'off' here
Ok, so here's the second part of our look at Rosemary Melon Almost Butter by KISS MY FACE. Click here for part 1. So what's the biggest glaring omission on this label? If you guys were thinking "Where the heck is the preservative?" than you were so right. Especially if this products is "99.9% Natural", I mean, it must have a preservative to keep it fresh and free from contamination. And we'll get to this claim in a minute.

It's all coming back now
Now, it's true that some people may claim that Rosemary extract helps preserve a product, but its simply not enough, especially for a product like this. I have a suspicion though. What's the one ingredient that's a bit suspicious? If you said GLYCINE, you're totally right. Remember my post on Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate? If not you can read it here (it's a long one!). I talk about how some companies (mostly "natural" marketers) use sodium hydroxymethylglycinate as a preservative, and how sometimes they claim it as a "natural preservative based on the natural amino acid glycine". Well, it seems that this product skipped the middleman and just listed glycine. And from that post you'll remember that sodium hydroxymethylglycinate is definitely NOT natural!

In a sticky situation:
Either there is no truly effective preservative in this product, since neither glycine and rosemary are not effective preservatives. OR glycine is incorrectly listed in place of sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, which is completely wrong.

Are there anymore errors in this product label?
Unfortunately, yes. The worst problem with all this is the overly zealous claim of "99.9%" Natural. How do I put this . . . THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! First of all, as TiS readers, you all know, that there is no natural preservative available! We wish there were, but there really aren't, and the ones that claim to be have been proven otherwise by reliable research. And for the effective use of any synthetic preservatives in today's skincare is ALWAYS GREATER THAN AT LEAST 0.3%, and often more than 1.5%! So, basically the numbers ain't adding up for this product label. Factor in the other non-natural ingredients like cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20, caprylic Acid and you get one big sigh and an equation that's REALLY not adding up!

So I have to say (and I do like KISS MY FACE in general) but this is one HUGE mistake in product labeling. THUMBS DOWN for (let's hope) this oversight!

So go ahead and pick up a product! You may find a funny (well, not so funny really) gem of your own. Go ahead and share with us your findings and I'll post it up here, and maybe give away prizes . . . hmmm that get's me thinking, well, I'll keep that to myself :-) for now.


SK said...

It is really discouraging that companies do things like this. I know I shouldn't believe everything I read but I try to have faith that what someone is telling me is true so I generally try to have confidence in the brands I am buying. I'm glad you will be doing a bit on parabens because this is a concern for me and I am not sure what other safe preservatives are out there. How is it that some companies can claim to be paraben free and find other sources of preservatives and others can't?

Sorry for all the questions; I just found your blog and this is exactly what I've been looking for!

DR. DAVID M.D. said...

Thanks for the comments! Yes, I'll get on the paraben topic, I just want to cover it well because EVERYONE is asking about parabens! I want to reference only the best research and researchers out there.

Honestly, I can't say it enough, you've got to learn everything for yourself. It takes time, but it certainly beats being taken advantage of by companies whose #1 priorities are not aligned with your best interests. On the good side (and, yes, I am actually optimistic) I am EXTREMELY hopeful for the future. I really do believe with information and technology systems developing as they are, transparency in business will become a prerequisite to being a successful company (one day!). The consumer will be empowered!!

Anonymous said...

They are still way better than most supermarket brands though. Certainly better than anything proctor and gamble puts out.