Need any more proof that companies will do anything to sell cosmetics & skincare?

Quite a shame. Here is a clear proof that companies will do anything to sell their products. "Looking Good for Jesus" is a line that debuted in Singapore aimed at the Christian minority living there.

The AP report's excerpt from some of the complainants below.
"These products trivialize Jesus Christ and Christianity," it quoted Nick Chui, 27, one of the complainants, as saying. "There are also sexual innuendoes in the messages and the way Jesus is portrayed in these products."

On the packaging of one of the products, Jesus, wearing a bright white robe, looks heavenward while a blonde, heavily made-up woman with an arm draped across his shoulder gazes dreamily at his face.

"Why would anyone use religious figures to promote vanity products? It's very disrespectful and distasteful," the report quoted 24-year-old accountant Grace Ong, also Catholic, as saying.

An unnamed Wing Tai Retail spokesman apologized for offending the Christian community, the Straits Times said. Wing Tai Retail officials could not be reached for comment Tuesday because the company's office was closed for the Lunar New Year holiday.

So, might I suggest, at least we should all boycott Wing Tai and their products (if they're in your country) if you see them. If you're offended, you can send an email to the makers BlueQ at Offending people's most sacred values by trivializing religious figures to sell products is NOT AN ACCEPTABLE practice. The shameless and direct sexual innuendos involving Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is NOT ACCEPTABLE, and certainly is not funny for those who believe in him, his mission, or his Prophethood.

and here is the back of one lip balm package

Luckily the product has been yanked out of most retailers. Hopefully they won't pop up anywhere else. How sad. Click here for the full msnbc reported story.

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Anonymous said...

This post really upset me. I can't believe a company would resort to using Jesus Christ for (sigh) sexual marketing!?! What's happening to the world?