Oscars what?

Don't hate me. I am just so excited that the Oscars are O-V-E-R. I had been hoping the writer's strike would continue just long enough to cancel them. Darn. I actually haven't seen an Oscars or Golden Globes or other "award show" in years. I've been boycotting Hollywood now for years :-) I just feel most of what's being pumped out of that place is poison for our youth, even worse, under the guise of "entertainment". But that's a whole other blog! Instead I'll be contributing a post this week (probably tomorrow) to a REAL example of a role model! And, as a bonus, it has to do with skincare/haircare! So enjoy you're Mondays everyone and thanks for reading TRUTH in SKINCARE. BTW, if you do want some beauty recaps of the Oscars, please click on one of our bloggers from our blogroll, I'm sure they've got the scene covered. And a special shout out to them all. You girls rock! I enjoy reading your posts.

P.S. I'll be posting a new poll with an fun (no, really fun, I promise) way of hopefully getting readers to comment more! I was just reading somewhere that much less than 1% of readers comment, and I want to increase that number. But you guys will be deciding!

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