Staying Positive with Our Posts! And introducing "Dr. David Loves" links

Hi Readers!
As you all know, this blog is about the truths in the skincare industry. Since the industry pumps hundreds of millions into selling products (often with misleading tactics, unobtainable dreams and unfulfilled promises), my job here is to expose my readers to the truth about how things work. Unfortunately, by its very nature, most of my posts will be exposing lies, dangers, manipulations and the like. This leaves little room for lots of positive posts about the industry. But I so desperately want to keep this blog very positive as well!

I promise to cover as much good stuff as I can about the skincare world. Please realize that I will not do so at the cost of my readers' health (i.e. I will not ask people to support company X just because they give to a wonderful charity, their products must also be worthy as well!). There are plenty of companies that do wonderful things as far as the environment or charities, but at the same time, have skincare products that I could never support. This makes it even harder to recommend things. Call me paranoid, but I just can't recommend things or hail things as 'totally wonderful' unless I am very sure about it. I take the oath "First Do No Harm" to the max, and this I can promise you all: If I recommend something, it's done with serious consideration and without 3rd party influences on my part!

I will also supplement other positive posts, perhaps not related to skincare. So, let's start now! I'd like to also introduce to you a new links section of this blog called "Dr. David Loves". They're a bunch of (usually very positive) sites that I think are phenomenal. They'll be charities, individuals, or organizations that I think are worthy of people's support and attention. I'll introduce each link in a post!

So now we can keep the posts more balanced! It's good to know the often unfortunate realities in the industry, but it's also even more important to know what we can do as individuals to help change the world.

Peace out

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