Weekly Rewind !

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends! I'm pretty wiped out after this week's massive TRUTH in SKINCARE blogs! If you got through this Wednesday's and Thursday's blogs, congrats! It's not the easiest read I'm sure, but it'll pay off. It can be eye-opening logic that can be applied to other ingredients and to topics other than skincare. If you didn't get a chance to read this week's blogs, here's a recap below.

Monday: I blogged about how all the (seemingly infinite) beauty brands are really owned by just a few corporations. Click here.
Tuesday: I introduced a new title for articles that are extra important called the "PAY ATTENTION" articles. Click here.
Wednesday: ahh! Part 1 of the truth behind the trend of DMAE (this day was mostly about non-skincare use of DMAE). Click here.
Thursday: Part 2 of the DMAE article, this one dealing more with skincare applications. Click here.
Friday: Just a recap on the "drama" of beauty bloggers and the NY Times. Click here. And my full disclosure about affiliations and such. Click here for that.

I realized that I said I would discuss the NY Times article in more depth this weekend, but I'm saving that for Monday. I want to take more time to address it!

Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

peace out
dr. david

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