Weekly Rewind

I hope you are already enjoying your weekends! I've been up late trying to get a head start on a bunch of my paperwork this weekend in the hopes that I may get to just go out and enjoy the city today. Here's the rewind of the posts from this week.

Monday: Using our noodles. A post about using this site and other sites to work out the brain by doing "active" reading. Click here.
Tuesday: A sad example of the length companies will go to market products. Click here.
Wednesday: A day of positivity. Click here to see my first "Dr. David Loves" link for Charity Navigator. Click here for the introduction post for this new link section on our blog.
Thursday: The truth about Vitamin C in skincare products. Click here.
Friday: Find out the first skincare product that I've given a good review of by clicking here.

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