Weekly Rewind

Here's the rewind on the posts from this week!

Monday: I posted about my turmoil about whether or not I should post about the products I use or come across. Click here for my internal debate. You all responded with a resounding YES!
Tuesday: I shared with you one of my favorite charity/non-profit programs called Kiva. Click here for the post.
Wednesday: So I listened to you all. I shared with you the first product that I use regularly. Click here to find out what product that was.
Thursday: Talking all about Kaolin clay. Found in so many products, here is an overview of it.
Friday: Bringing together some of the principles I've talked about on this blog. We analyze a real-live and very erroneous product ingredient label. This was part 1 a post to be continued next week. Click here to see what product that was!

Over and out!

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