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It's Friday! Yesss!!!! Anyway, thanks for all your great emails you've been sending me. They really help to keep me going with this blog. I'm am super busy, but knowing that you readers are really enjoying it helps to keep me motivated! On that end, I do read all your emails, and, unfortunately, can't respond to each and every one. However, trust me when I say I hear what you are saying, and although I might not email you back right away, I may in fact address your concerns along with others in future posts! That being said, I do try to respond to most emails and comments, eventually :-)

Ok, so this has been on my mind now.
I remember when I was young my mom used to have a "Surprise Box" for me and my brother. Every time we did all our chores, studying, practicing, etc, we got to pick out an item from the Surprise Box. So my mom would give the box a shake to tease us and we would be so freakin' excited. So I'm taking a page from my own childhood memory, I was thinking of giving away a couple little gifts every week or so. This way it'll be more fun to read the posts hear at TinS, and a good way to have people pay attention to them, since I know some of them can be a little technical. So this is just a thought, but I'd love to hear your input! All in all it can be a great way to participate even more on this site (and more fun).

The gifts would most likely be products that I may get from sponsors (THAT IS IF I decide to have sponsors, I would have to really approve their products first)! Or from my own small line. I mean, tell me if I"m wrong, but what's the point in having something (like a skincare line) if you can give them away as gifts!

Since, as most of you know, I do have a small specialty skincare/aromatherapy line. The only thing is that I don't want to use this site to talk about my line or to promote it. So I wouldn't be talking about what products the winners would get. I know it might sound crazy, but I like to take extra precautions to keep the two pretty separate.

This matter is up to all my readers. Please email me with your thoughts and I'll create a new poll to have you all vote as well! Either way, it's up to you!

This is just food for thought. I won't be doing anything right away, but I wanted to test what you guys thought about this! If you are like "Heck No" don't involve that stuff on this site, then I sooo won't even do it. Just want to know what you all are thinking about this!

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SK said...

Personally speaking it make no difference to me whether or not I get gifts or product samples but I really appreciate the reviews and information breakdown about what products really consist of.

I would like to make one suggestion though. Would it be possible for you to dedicate one day to questions from bloggers? Like maybe draw names or something and then have that person email you like 5 skincare questions and have you answer them and post them. Most of us probably have similar questions and I think a lot of people would find this helpful. Just a suggestion :) You can totally ignore it if you want.