ANTHONY Logistics for Men

This is just an introduction to Anthony Logistics skincare products. Since I'll be using and reviewing a bunch of their products, I think it's best if there was an intro.

Great, simple package design. Pretty much perfect for men. This company founded by its namesake is a leader of mens skincare. The founder says he saw a lack of products geared toward men and he went after it. That he did. I give props to the fact that they are one of the first (if not the first) skincare line to be targeted first and foremost to men. Ladies, the skincare market is one thing in life where guys are usually just an afterthought.

Some basic points.
I do like that many products do not contain artificial fragrances, although many contain fragrance-contributing natural essential oils. Nevertheless, the aromas aren't overpowering. Unlike a lot of other products, men's products aren't usually very overpowering in the fragrance department.

[side note]
I don't like fragrances, especially if they are overpowering. Most men probably feel this way, and most men probably like it when a women isn't completely doused in fragrance as well. Close up fragrance is great, but I don't like a cloud of fragrance around anybody to be honest.

About men's products in general.
If you are using some high priced mask, check the ingredients. This applies for a lot of products actually. Compare them to men's products. There's a bunch of good finds (and very comparable finds). Since, men won't be jockeying up to pay big money for their skincare (most men), most men's products are very reasonably priced, especially when compared to their female targeted counterparts. So take a look at the other side of the isle, you might find a great value.

Anthony supports Prostate cancer research
The company (as noted on all their products) donates a portion of the proceeds from their sales to prostate cancer research. Quite a fitting cause to support for a men's line!

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