Latest Figures on Cosmetic Procedures

Happy Friday guys! I know it's probably hard to stay happy and enthusiastic when we are now being bombarded with the reality of our falling economy all over the news! Well, there's one field of our economy that will probably continue to expand (even through war and depressions) and that's the economics of beauty.

Wanna know who and how much we spend on cosmetic procedures? The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has released its annual report for 2007. Here's the major points:
  • 11,700,000 cosmetic procedures performed.
  • $3,700,000,000 spent on these procedures. (yes, that's 3.7 BILLION)
  • This is a 2% increase from 2006.
  • Men getting into the fray: 17% increase (from 2006) in men partaking in these procedures.
  • A 1% increase in women partaking in these procedures.
What's the happening procedures?
  • Botox injections are still the most popular nonsurgical procedure
  • 2,800,000 botox treatments in 2007.
  • Other popular non-surgical tratments:
    • #2 Hyaluronic acid injections
    • #3 Laser Hair Removal
    • #4 Microdermabrasion
    • #5 Laser Skin Resurfacing

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