WEEKLY REWIND: 3/17/08 - 3/21/08

Here's a recap on last weeks posts, a bit late, but here nevertheless.

MONDAY: I blogged the 3rd post in the Paraben Series. This post was about what everyone, including the scientific authorities, are saying about parabens and health.

WEDNESDAY: All about a doctor gone bad. Here's a post on Dr. Perricone and his b.s. make sure to read the links within the post to hear what his critics are saying! Also here's a light-hearted spoof on Project Runway.

THURSDAY: Here's my review of Anthony Logistics oil-free face lotion.

FRIDAY: I posted about the real truth about Abreva, an "F.D.A. approved" cold sore treatment. We find out it's not true and they've lied about effectiveness on top of it. Learn more here about how there really is no treatment for Herpes.

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