WEEKLY REWIND: 3/3/08 - 3/7/08

Hope you're all getting your beauty rest this Sunday! I wanted to thank all the readers of TiS and a special shout out to all my blogger friends! Your comments, appreciation, and emails really keep me going! On to the Recap . . .

MONDAY: I blogged on the latest interesting news on Psoriasis. Also, an intro to my future Anthony Logistics product reviews.

TUESDAY: I posted my first blog on Parabens (PART 1: an Introduction).

WEDNESDAY: My product review for Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay.

THURSDAY: My product review for EVERY MAN JACK cleansing soap bars.

FRIDAY: The latest numbers on cosmetic procedures done in 2007.

Some more people were asking about DMAE again, here are the links right here for you!
  • PAY ATTN: DMAE(part 1)

  • PAY ATTN: DMAE(part 2)
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