When doctors go bad! N.V. Perricone a bad misuse of his position as a medical doctor?

Would you trust this face? Well, I have been highly critical at times when watching him. I don't like to misjudge people, so I didn't think anything of it, until I started doing my own research into "Dr. Perricone" and his never-ending product lines.

Well my reservations were confirmed. One of my pet peeves is misusing truth and position. Unfortunately, I believe that he does both. In just one example, I already exposed the truths about DMAE, his latest revolutionary treatment. Here is part 1 and part 2 about DMAE.

Find out the truths
As it happens, Perricone does everything from exaggerate the positions he once held (i.e. his Yale connections). Guess what? it was an unpaid post and Yale certainly didn't want him back and got rid of him after his first year. Then he paid a cool $5 million for his next post.

Here is a MUST READ article:
Click here for a great article by Stephen Barrett, M.D., a physician who has won numerous awards most importantly for his contributions to health and education. Click here to see his most awesome resume!

What I most have a problem with Perricone is his overcharging and misleading products. If you use any of his supplements, I implore you to go to your local health food or supplement store to find the same supplements at only a fraction of the price. And what's up with this pheromone thing he's selling for hundreds and hundreds of dollars? Guess what, there ain't no science behind any of his claims on that either! Buyer Beware, more like Patient Beware when it comes to listening to this guy.

I'll post later on about his outrageous claims in another post sometime.

Oh yeah, please, Dr. Perricone, if you understand the research, then show us the research behind the numbers and claims on your products. It's what any good scientist/doctor/researcher would do!

Anyways guys, thanks for reading! I'll write a positive post next time!


SK said...

Ugh, I laughed at the people who wanted this stuff when I worked at Nordstrom. Ridiculous and overpriced crap! And what about Dr. Brandt? Have you ever seen him on TV? Why on earth would I pay money for his products if he looks like that?

Jamie said...

Wow, I am so glad you posted this. It's really important for people to know they shouldn't be spending the money on Perricone's products!