Hope you are all having a good Friday morning! The weekend is finally here. I can't wait myself. I've had so many changes in my life (I'll share with you soon) that I can't wait to hang out with some of my friends here in NYC. There's been many not-so-positive ads lately; all my postings on Perricone products after all. Unfortunately, this is the sad state of so many skincare manipulaters, um, marketers, or, actually I mean BOTH. So today I was determined to post about something that I do believe is a great help for the customers! So today I'm telling you about Netrition! This online site has been something I've used to find the best deals on diet aids, specialty foods, and supplements for YEARS now. So this is the first non-charity link that I am "loving".

So you've heard me talking about finding cheap alternatives to dietary supplements, such as the ripoff-priced Perricone supplements. Click here for one example. Netrition.com is an online store that I have ordered quite often from myself. It is a dream for the supplement lover, they carry just about EVERYTHING imaginable and have a multitude of options to choose from for anything that you are looking for. I have used them for years, and the site has helped me save money. It was the only place I could find protein pastas, and other "high protein, low carb" snacks that I used to live off of! So if you've ever tried looking for a bunch of specialty and diet foods, this is also the place for you.

Although, I don't think we need to be taking a bunch of supplements daily, people will be taking them anyway. I think this is one site that will save you money and get amazing service.

My advice: always consult your doctor before starting any supplements! And if they don't know about the supplement, tell them to find out about them and get back to you!! Yes, I mean it.
We doctors should be getting into the practice of knowing what is the supplements out there on the market that their patients are taking! This is definitely a place where even doctors can shore up what they don't know.

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