La Esquina & the WEEKLY REWIND

Hi readers! I want to thank you for taking your time out to read my blogs. So I did go out last night as planned. Nothing crazy. I went out with some good peoples last night. It was was me and a couple of good old friends. It was raining, and I LOVED it, I always like the rain, it never spoils my party. I'm sure it's due to living for many years in Washington State, we got used to it ASAP. Yes, I am a freak.

We had a mild night, decided to go to the famed La Esquina. You see, the real part of the restaurant is the hidden gem and you gotta enter through the kitchen. Unlike a lot of places that try too hard, this place actually has that unimitable "something" that makes it work. I must say if I was reviewing La Esquina like it were a skincare product, I'd have to give it a THUMBS UP!

It was a great night with nothing but love and catching up, love hangin with the real peeps! And when traveling with my friend Marcelina (NYC's real it girl), it's always a guaranteed good time and star treatment. Had an amazing time, crowd was great, food even better. Just what the doctor ordered!

So friends, here's the WEEKLY REWIND:

WEDNESDAY: Started off the late week with this horrendous (and non skincare related) story about DISGUSTING Father-Daughter duo. No, I'm not being mean. CLICK HERE to check it out! Warning: It's quite disturbing!

THURSDAY: Covered two articles that continued to help expose the sham that is Dr. Perricone. Click here for that. Also I posted about a product that I use, Sebastian's Potion 9. Click here for that.

FRIDAY: Don't believe that Perricone's products are a COMPLETE RIPOFF? Here is proof of just one example where he overcharges. It's quite insane. Also, I gave out some link love to Read my post here to find out a great online supplier of health foods and supplements. A must if you want selection and good prices!

Thanks again for reading TRUTH in SKINCARE. I am grateful to have a great base of readers (that continues to grow everyday!!). I hope you have an amazing weekend you all!


beautylogicblog said...

I"m obsessed with La Esquina. Tacos are so yummy!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I've been trying to get into Esquina for weeks and can't even get a reservation!!

I'm sooo jealous.