La Esquina & the WEEKLY REWIND

Hi readers! I want to thank you for taking your time out to read my blogs. So I did go out last night as planned. Nothing crazy. I went out with some good peoples last night. It was was me and a couple of good old friends. It was raining, and I LOVED it, I always like the rain, it never spoils my party. I'm sure it's due to living for many years in Washington State, we got used to it ASAP. Yes, I am a freak.

We had a mild night, decided to go to the famed La Esquina. You see, the real part of the restaurant is the hidden gem and you gotta enter through the kitchen. Unlike a lot of places that try too hard, this place actually has that unimitable "something" that makes it work. I must say if I was reviewing La Esquina like it were a skincare product, I'd have to give it a THUMBS UP!

It was a great night with nothing but love and catching up, love hangin with the real peeps! And when traveling with my friend Marcelina (NYC's real it girl), it's always a guaranteed good time and star treatment. Had an amazing time, crowd was great, food even better. Just what the doctor ordered!

So friends, here's the WEEKLY REWIND:

WEDNESDAY: Started off the late week with this horrendous (and non skincare related) story about DISGUSTING Father-Daughter duo. No, I'm not being mean. CLICK HERE to check it out! Warning: It's quite disturbing!

THURSDAY: Covered two articles that continued to help expose the sham that is Dr. Perricone. Click here for that. Also I posted about a product that I use, Sebastian's Potion 9. Click here for that.

FRIDAY: Don't believe that Perricone's products are a COMPLETE RIPOFF? Here is proof of just one example where he overcharges. It's quite insane. Also, I gave out some link love to Read my post here to find out a great online supplier of health foods and supplements. A must if you want selection and good prices!

Thanks again for reading TRUTH in SKINCARE. I am grateful to have a great base of readers (that continues to grow everyday!!). I hope you have an amazing weekend you all!


Dominican Enigma said...

I"m obsessed with La Esquina. Tacos are so yummy!

Erica H said...

OMG! I've been trying to get into Esquina for weeks and can't even get a reservation!!

I'm sooo jealous.