Mariah Carey and Elvis, a new music record.

Pretty random and not really related to skincare, but some interesting news. Today Mariah has the new #1 song in the country with "Touch My Body". While this isn't news itself, the fact that this is her 18th #1 song pushes her past Elvis Presley for the most #1 songs. She's in 2nd overall only to the Beatles. The Beatles have 20 #1 hits. It's possible that Mariah could surpass the Beatles with her latest album as well, and if not this album, soon after that!

Pretty crazy to think that of all the musical acts in U.S. history, Mariah will have beaten them all. C-R-A-Z-Y! And to think the world thought her over after her "breakdown" a few years ago.

My sides:
To give props to Mariah: she does write her own music and it's nice to see a much-larger-than-size-0 women with such success in the industry. Now if she would only stop singing about sex and wearing next to nothing in almost all her appearances. She certainly doesn't need any of that to sell her talent.

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Anonymous said...

wow, i completely agree! she is beautiful and doesn't need to flaunt her body because then nobody looks at her lovely face. she has real talent and could sing circles around Elvis any day.