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Nail Polish in an unexpected area! A possibility in helping to prevent Nickel Allergy


Hi readers! Just wanted to say thanks for your emails of support. You are so good to me! Blogging has been more difficult, yet more rewarding, than I had ever expected. It's hard to always remain unbiased and truthful, but I promise I will continue to do my best, whether others, or companies, like it or not!
so now on to the post . . . Nail Polish On Your Blue Jeans!?! 
Sounds like a country song right? So here's quite an interesting story I came across! Nickel is the top common metal that people are most allergic to. Many blue jeans (as well as other clothes, etc.) contain metal buttons that contain nickel which can cause an allergic reaction when in contact with the skin. A recent study (a small, preliminary study) showed the effectiveness of nail polish applied to the buttons! It worked better to prevent a reaction to the nickel within the metal button that other methods that have been tried. The polish even stayed effective through a couple of wash and dry cycles as well. Of course, I don't advocate any nickel allergy sufferers (especially those who are severely allergic) to try this. However, this is a nice sign of how sometimes the most simple item can can accomplish a big feat! btw the image is that of "Color Paw" nail polish for your pets. I'm no veterinarian, but I wouldn't recommend this for your pet either. Dogs are pretty color blind after all, I doubt they'll appreciate it! :-) Would love to hear from anyone who's used nail polish on their dogs though, but that's a whole 'nother blog isn't it? Enjoy your Thursdays! XO dr. d


  1. Don't forget the panty hose fix! Nail polish is quite versatile. The dog nail polish is so funny.

  2. I never thought of this. I must admit I am curious to try this on my baby doll. I'm thinking blue.


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