One Really BAD Shaving Product

Shaving Oil

Well, I've just come across a product that pretty much (I think) is one of the worst shaving products ever. It's a shave oil made by CLINIQUE skin supplies for men. So if you're looking for a product for your man, just walk on by this product.

It claims to be used alone or before shaving. I still don't get it's full purpose really. Anyway, the reason why I think it's the worst shaving is because it's a bad product in use, experience, and claims. Three biggie product traits.

It claims to be easily washable, ahhh, I say HECK NO! Imagine trying to wash of some petroleum jelly, well, this is worse. It is harder to wash of than any product I have used. I can't imagine anyone having a good experience with this product. It's also pretty darn sticky. It smells bad, and it's just plain awful.

**Update: I guess I wasn't the only one who disliked this product. It appears to have been completely discontinued for a long time now.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. David,

I appreciate your intention of presenting the truth. I share this passion also.

The reason I write you is because I wish to offer my opinion in regards to your writing style and manner of expression.

I also have a question that I hope would inspire interest as it relates to a very promising natural molecular compound (thus can not be patented) known as MMS or sodium chlorite solution. Reported to have cured over 75,000 ppl with malaria in Africa. Chlorine dioxide is said to be the most powerful pathogen killer known to man in 1999. With your area of specialization, I was hoping you might look into the molecular properties of Chlorine Dioxide and how it relates to the human body.

In regards to your writing style, from the few articles I read (INGREDIENT WATCH: Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Wanna get a tan online?!?, Men's Product Review: CLUBMAN Shave Creme and the clinique shave cream article) I believe you could more eloquently articulate more of the mechanics, if you will, of biochemistry and biophysics as it applies to the human body with selective ingredients. Addressing and the rampant proliferation of "Intellectual Properties" that attempt to misdirect the observer from true vision.

It is my sincere wish that we as a species come together in these times of great change. Truth prevails.