Back in the U.S.A.!

Well, I'm finally back home! Exhausted from the little tour of Europe. Unfortunately, the vast majority of beauty products in Europe were exactly what we have here, but anything that was different I snapped up! And not much of a good deal either, with the dollar being so lousy, everything in Europe was mad expensive! If you're looking to shop, I don't recommend traveling there right now.

So starting next week or sooner, I'll be blogging about these products. I must say though, I was a bit envious of the European market. When I do visit Europe I see the quirkiness in the aesthetics of products, but this time since I was also focused on skincare, it seemed like even the same products we have here are just packaged much nicer in Europe.

Anyway, bare with me because in just several days, I'll be moving as well! I'm going to be leaving the NYC /NJ areas to move far out West!!! I'll let you know where when I make it there. Let's just say sun & beaches, yeah! So needless to say, there's a lot going on for me and my posts may not be pouring out too quickly over the next 2 weeks or so while I get situated. However, I will be dedicating most of June to expand on my blogging, including additional blogs on some of my other interests (supplements, pediatrics, etc). So stay tuned for that. The sites are already up and being made to look pretty :-)

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me here on Truth in Skincare. I really appreciate you all and am grateful if I am able to help educate anyone even just a little! Thanks!!! I'll be posting soon!
dr david


Anonymous said...

Might want to spell check- 'dr..'

'Bare' with me?? Bare like wearing nothing- bare.


DR. DAVID M.D. said...

Ooops! Thanks for letting me know!