WEEKLY REWIND: 4/28/08 - 5/3/08

Here's the Weekly Rewind:

MONDAY: I posted my first comeback post, after being away in Boston for the Marathon activities. I blogged about being my unfavorable review of a pre-release listening of Madonna's Hard Candy. I gave it a thumbs down, but have since given a Thumbs Up to a couple of tracks, I must admit. Heartbeat & Give It To Me. Although the parts I do enjoy of the later are certainly riffs taken from other club songs! If you want to see what I really like to listen to click here.

TUESDAY: I got back to the serious topics in skincare. I posted Part 4 of the Parabens series! Click on "THE HEART" pull down label (LEFT SIDEBAR) for quick and easy access to the heart of this blog, including the whole paraben series of articles.

WEDNESDAY: In time for Mother's Day. Save a Mama Bear. Or save another wild animal mother. After all, without mommy, the baby animals have no shot to survive. Click here for the post on that. Also, I have dedicated a whole banner for the cause (RIGHT SIDEBAR).

SATURDAY: I posted about an article describing the dangers that even simple procedures can cause. Read the article here.

Thanks For Reading!!

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