ALOHA !! And let's catch up!

Reporting from Waikiki!
If you've been wondering where I was moving to, well the secret's out now. I'm in my new home of Hawaii! And I love pretty much everything about it!

I really have missed blogging admist my crazy last several weeks! I can't wait to get back to reaching out to you all again very soon!! The month of June is going to be a great month for blogging! I've got so very much to tell you about. Of course, I have all the products and information from my European trip to post about.

More Unique Products?!?!
For an unexpected turn of events, I've come across a whole new bevy of completely unique (including some seriously natural products) here in my new hometown of Honolulu. That all means more posting for you. Are you ready Honolulu? Let's see what's up with all the locally produced Hawaiian skincare products. Also, there are just so many skincare shops here, many with natural soaps and ingredients unique to Hawaii's natural resources. So, hopefully I'll get to feature them as well.

Needless to say, I'm still chock full of moving issues to still deal with, so, again, bare with me while I transition to my new place. I anticipate that I'll be blogging just about daily starting next week (let's hope!).

What's next?
Tomorrow I will post on a much due topic of, once again, shameful skincare claims! Hey, it's why I started this blog after all. The next victim to truth exposure will be the Lindi Skincare line. Look out for that tomorrow. Then next, I'll be doing a post of all the Questions that have been sent to me in the last while, and I apologize foot the stockpile of questions that I have yet to answer! But like I said, this is the month of a lot of changes, including 2 new blogs to be featured soon.

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