Couldn't Resist! Fun Friday: Crazy Lip Balms

Here's a much lighter post. After writing about all the Labello lip balms I found in Europe, I guess I have been seeing a lot more random lip balms lately. Thanks for a post I saw at Chaptastic (if you are lip balm crazy, I suggest checking out this blog dedicated to reviewing all kinds of lip balms). Here are a couple of the crazy lip balms I've seen.

I'm pretty partial to trying out the Trix (one of my fav childhood cereals) and the cinnamon rolls. Anything to keep from eating the real stuff, right?!? Anyway hope you enjoy. I found these all on a site called very neat!


Anonymous said...

I'm hungry now!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe there is a cinnamon roll flavored lipstick. I'm sure the taste won't be as sweet but I know it will defintley make me hungry