LUSH all over Europe!

One of the biggest surprises for me was to see LUSH stores all throughout Europe, I mean, everywhere. Yeah, it's an English company, but you should see some of the places they were in. In the heart of Venice, Florence, as well as France and, of course, England. Right next to the highest-end retail stores, there was a LUSH!

So I stopped in one LUSH store in Venice and talked to a most helpful young lady. A total Italian beauty as well as completely helpful and very polite and refined. A nice find since many Venetian merchants are not always the friendliest (hey, Venice is just mobbed with a boggling amount of tourists, so I'm sure they're a bit overwhelmed). However, Miss Lush*, talked to me about the most popular products selling in their Italian LUSH stores. BTW, for how informative and helpful she was, she deserves a huge promotion, pronto!

One top product (especially for the Italian men) was the Nero Per Caso. This product is also known as 'coalface' over here! And one look at it and it's easy to see why, along with the fact that it does contain charcoal.

Another top product and one of the most recommended in the LUSH Venice store was Meravigliosa, a face moisturizer. This product is known as 'gorgeous' here in the states. With a mix of orange blossoms (which I will blog about in later posts).

Needless to say, this post is meant more for writing about some of the things I saw in Europe as far as skincare; finding out what those Europeans are up to! I will be doing a post reviewing LUSH products in the future. . . gulp! I can say for now that they are one of only very few international companies using real amounts of natural ingredients in their products and this certainly deserves a thumbs up, more to come later!

I am not associated, financially or otherwise, with LUSH. This post is meant to be a fun take, not an endorsement or scientific post.

*During my move to Hawaii, I lost some notes! So 'Miss Lush', email me your name and I'll change it here for you! Sorry I forgot!


Anonymous said...

I envy you for visiting Europe, I always wanted to go there. I've never heard of Lush before, is it more of a high-end cosmetic line?

DR. DAVID M.D. said...

Hey there Ashley-Nicole!
Yeah, there should be a LUSH near you. You can check out the US locations here

The products are not high-end, more "Etsy" like handmade products. Very cute, and almost edible looking products. Definitely worth a peak if not just for the aesthetics of the place.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what the girl from lush uses! She has amazing skin and very pretty too.

Madame_Deficit said...

ooh I love Lush products, I have used many different items from their range. Their Ultra Bland cleanser is excellent!

deedee said...

I just started using Lush and Im totally lost in love,,,,beautiful products especially the hair products like the American Cream conditioner after any of their amazing solid shampoos,,I like Godiva,,,and I also love their Massage bars,,,Wish

deedee said...

Lush addicted here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, absolutely some great products,,actally discoveredLush a long time ago in Vancouver,,,Wasn't impressed but they have come a long way since then with their formulations and array of product and since stepping into my local Lush store for the first time ever a month or 2 ago that's it,,,,Im hooked