More Aesthetic Coolness from Europe: Roll-On Deodorants

As, promised, a little slow, but here's another mini post about some of the cool aesthetics found in the "European-packaging" version of our products that I found while in Europe. Something as basic as walking down the deodorant aisle took me by surprise. There was a whole new package type of antiperspirant/ deodorants that I hadn't seen before: roll-ons that stood upright.

For some reason, to me, they just look cooler than the bottles we have in the U.S. I actually bought up a few and, although I didn't use roll-on types before, I am using them now! I find the design, especially the ergonomics, is just so much more user-friendly and compact. Hint to personal care products: you all ready make these products on the other side of the Atlantic, why not introduce them here, you may win over new customers! (Like me).

A bunch of brands carried this packaging options, here are two examples in the pics. Myself, I stocked up on the Sure for men. LYNX btw is like the European version of AXE.

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