New Advances in Wound Healing! Silica Gel Fiber Dressings

Finally, a new advance in wound healing. Working with patients that suffer chronic wounds has always been difficult for us in the healthcare industry. Patients with diabetes, vascular insufficiencies, and plain old bed sores have had a heck of a time dealing with trying to resolve open wounds that simply will not close. These cases just become a chronic condition where you simply continue to keep the area clean and re-bandage. Many people suffer from open wounds for years. Imagine the difficulty of that.

But, finally, a new step it seems. A new dressing made of silica gel was developed in Germany at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC and has the benefits of being totally absorbable by the body, so there is no need to change dressings, and, trust me, this is a good thing! And since only the outer bandage is changed, the risk of introducing infection can be reduced. The big deal is that this fibrous gel provides a great matrix for new skin cells to grow along to help speed up would healing and closure of the wound.

Hospitals should have this in just a couple years, and who knows what the OTC (over the counter) possibilities of something like this are. A new ointment to place on the would and simply cover over with a band-aid. For those who scar easily as well as anyone receiving a serious cut, the future is looking brighter!

Just a side note, wound healing holds a special place for me, it was one of my first research experiences (pre-med school) that lead to some wonderful results and learning experiences. I have to admit (and feel so badly about) but I had to sacrifice many lab rats in the process (painless euthanization, I promise!). And I used to have rats as pets, so it was a sad process.


Kim Donaway said...

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Anonymous said...

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