WEEKLY REWIND: 6/9/08 - 6/13/08

Hope you had a great week all! I myself am just a bit sunburned. I underestimated the Hawaiian sun while playing some afternoon tennis, and, well, my shoulders are paying for it! Let me tell you, when in doubt, apply sunblock! I just stocked up on some more today :-)

Here's the weekly recap!

MONDAY: We did a little demystifying of skincare ingredients. I posted about the "glycols" and what they are doing in skincare products. Do you remember which one is the one in Anti-Freeze?

THURSDAY: I posted about a (finally) new advance in wound healing. Finally a glimmer of hope especially for those suffering from chronic, unresolving wounds/sores.

FRIDAY: I just couldn't resist and had to post about the crazy lip balms I came across. After the post on all the Labellos, I guess the lip balm theme wasn't quite over just yet.

Look forward to blogging with you all this week!!

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