Weekly Rewind: June 17th to June 22

Better late than never, huh? This week's been a bit brutal for me, doing a certification class for advanced life support! So here's the weekly rewind of last week, and what's coming up this week or so.

TUESDAY: Another post about my European Adventures, this one featuring LUSH skincare and how it is found just about everywhere in Europe. Click the link to find out what products are being pushed over there.

SUNDAY: Yet again, more aesthetic coolness from Europe. This time check out the cool new roll-on packaging I found in (the same products) over there! I still don't get why we don't have this choice here in the states, I find it more convenient. And since I was on the European kick, I had to mention the EURO 2008 soccer championships, as it is overwhelming the European countries right now!

Stay tuned for more European Adventures posts and some more nerdy, typical TRUTH in SKINCARE posts as well! Again, thanks for reading these posts, it certainly makes my job that much easier and worthwhile!!!
dr d

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