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Men's Product Review: CLUBMAN Shave Creme

Clubman Luxury Shave Cream

Well, here is another one of my product reviews (completely unsolicited of course!) since everyone wants to know what I use. Here is another men's product that I find to be nothing less than amazing.

Clubman Shave is a shave cream made by the famous house of Ed Pinot which has been around since 1810. Ring a bell? If not, check out the pic below, that shaving cream can has been around forever, and still is today (although I've yet to try that, so can't comment on the original green can version).

The Shave
I have to say this is right up there as one of the best shaving creams I've ever used (definitely top 3). And is right there on top along with Anthony Logistics shaving creme. Click here for that review.

I have a full, thick beard so I need a good close shave and need it with out pain. This product definitely delivers. No nicks, no pain, and I can easily shave against the grain (well, after I shave with the grain first of course!).

So if you need an amazing shaving creme, and the regular ones don't cut it for you, this is definitely one worth trying out. Girls, you want to treat your husband to a good shave, this along with Anthonly Logistics shave creams, I think are the best as far as performance goes. It costs more than typical shave cremes, but certainly not at the top of the cost ladder. But when you have a thick beard, only the best will do.

'Nuff said: THUMBS UP

I am in no way affiliated with Clubman, or it's products, and receive no remuneration. This is a completly unsolicited post.

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