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PARABENS PART 5: What do I think?

Okay, so we've talked about parabens, what all these people/companies/experts are saying about parabens. Now what the heck do I think?

Well, I think, with what we know thus far, parabens are pretty much safe to use, and I continue to use them without an afterthought. And if there is more relevant research on parabens, I promise to post about it right here on TiS. On the other hand, I also don't like to use much "synthetic crap" in personal care products, if I can avoid it (and that's a big if).

Being Bombarded
Overall, our approach to being healthy all-around truly consists of more than just avoiding this-and-that ingredient. Why? Because as far advanced as we are in science and technology, we are no where even close to be able to determine long term effects of each specific chemical or ingredient that is found in personal care products. This is because in today's society we are just completely bombarded with synthetic and natural compounds every single day. Whether it's artificial sweetners (and I am really, I mean, really, guilty of this!) or skincare preservatives, it's pretty much unavoidable that these products will be deposited in our bodies. After all, even our drinking waters and the air we breath have unavoidable constituents in them that will make they're way into our systems.

We're all functioning miracles
God has truly created a miracle in just our physical bodies alone. The abilities (especially studying the medical wonders of the human bodies subtlest capabilities) is truly mind-boggling. Our bodies are so developed and so unyielding in their way to deal with and respond to incoming substances, we will never be able to fully comprehend it, and I mean NEVER, no matter how far along we advance in science, it's just that amazing.

Live Naturally
That being said, we were obviously meant to live clean and healthy lives. I personally don't believe that excessive chemicals is a part of that. It's always about BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE!!! And to be honest, personally I believe that Creation around us was created for our own benefit. This is why we find cures, antidotes, and (ahem, the best skincare products) in nature all around us. Did you know that more than 75% of our "modern" medicine couldn't not be made at all without their naturally plant derived building blocks! Most of these "life saving" drugs are nothing more that souped-up versions of something natural we have found in the plant life all around us. And a side note, many people think that the wonders of medicine have all been created in some lab, but in actuality many discoveries have been incidental discovered from using these natural wonders. Don't get me wrong, we have to do our parts too, we have to put in the hard work as humans to go into the lab and study as much as possible what we can.

What's Good?
I think the best things to do is to avoid excessive use of any skincare products, especially if you don't need them! Stick to natural oils and butters. As long as you don't allow these natural products to sit for too long, they are perfect natural moisturizers. Try using some natural shea butter, cocoa butter, or almond butter. The next time your cooking (your using olive oil, right?) rub in some olive oil all over your body; olive oil is one of nature's best moisturizers, not to mention it contains some AMAZING ingredients whether you eat it or rub it in!

It's all in the approach
So if we start off adding these little changes to our routine, I'm sure our reliance on using a drawer full of skincare products would dramatically decrease. And, in turn, our intake of synthetics (including all types of preservatives) would decrease as well. Just like when we get sick, usually something is out of balance. The same goes for skincare, go ahead and try to substitue some natural ingredients in your daily routine.

In the future, I will be dedicating a lot of posts to natural ingredients that we can use as far as skincare and personal care, all with the proof beind them. Once we realize that we can't beat nature, we can start to approach our lives a lot healthier. I always say "science should supplement" not replace nature!

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