Q and A: Some of your questions answered

So, I think I will start a regular posting session featuring Q&As. And look for a new format for TiS, where each day will feature a specific post (i.e. Mondays product review, Tuesdays Q&A, etc, so this way you'll know what will be featured everyday. Not to mention better organization. So here's we go.

Yulia asks: In my anatomy class, I’ve learned that top layer of skin is made out of very tightly packed cells. Teacher presented as a good thing – because nothing can harm us from the outside environment like germs. What about the beauty products? Can it benefit our skin deep enough to smooth the wrinkles? Is there any layers of skin can be improved by cosmetics?

Good question. Short anwer, no, skin is not totally impenetrable. Yes, it is true that skin cells are nicely organized to keep us protected from the outside world. At the same time it is wondrously made to excrete sweat and waste among other things. There are all kind of skin cell junctions (tight jnctions are the "tightest" of junctions) keeping things out from between the cells.
However, many things can certainly get past even intact skin. But what passes? Well, that's a complicated answer. It depends on a number of factors. Such factors include size of molecules, the charge they hold, whether they are lipophillic or hydrophillic (fat lovin' or water lovin') among other factors.
As far as cosmetics and skincare products, certainly some products will have ingredients that penetrate the skin, but this hold true for good ingredients and bad ingredients alike. However, the truth is that there really is not that much out there that can actually penetrate effectively (effectively being the key word) to create actual changes in the skin to decrease wrinkles. Some products like hydroxy acids will penetrate, not changing the deep dermal layers, but allowing the skin to shed it's uppermost layers more quickly. So it's a good key to remember when products claim they "penetrate deep down to smooth out wrinkles" this is probably a well overblown claim.
There are many superficially acting products that can decrease the appearance of wrinkles, but remember, these are only temporary effects. Hope that answers your question Yuliya!

Michelle Asks: I've been thinking about buying some products with DMAE to keep my skin from aging and was wondering if it works?

Answer: Great question! Also even better question since I've covered DMAE extensively in a previous post. Click here and here to know more than you ever wanted. Short answers: No DMAE topically will not reverse skin aging!! It may decrease the appearance of fine lines, because it swells skin cells, but this is not a permanent effect. Actually, it may even be damaging to skin cells in the long run causing more rapid aging.

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