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NY Times Article on skincare targeted to cancer patient

A while back I was interviewed by the NY Times about skincare products targeted to cancer patients. I'm glad to see the article presents these products lines for what they are . . . of little substance. There, of course, is no proof in the pudding as they say. I wrote a piece on Lindi Skincare line and their targeting of a vulnerable population.

This piece from the NY Times discusses the sad state and contradiction that is our health care system. Our cancer hospital gift shops may sells these product lines and many patrons might think that they work (why else would a hospital sell them) but in fact, neither are these products endorsed by the hospital, nor are they particularly effective at treating cancer patients' skincare needs.

Even though the oncologist physicians quoted in the interviews agree that these products aren't necessarily superior to any other skincare line, it would have been nice to get some quotes in by Dermatologists who could have much more easily dismissed the like of Lindi Skin and others.

The article also does a nice job at illustrating the rip-off prices of these products as well. Nice Job.


  1. That's sad for people to use cancer patients as way to get money. At a time when people diagnose with cancer are most vulnerable and eager to try anything to cure their cancer, companies like these manipulating them and using the hospitals who carry them as assurance for their products. Hopefully this article will prevent other companies from doing the same.


  2. You're totally right Ash! I think is so very irresponsible for hospitals to even carry these products. I mean, poor patients, it's almost seems like the hospital has "approved" them.

    But many times the gift shop and its inventory are not under the hospitals direct control and I think this is the problem. But hospitals need to crack down on this "loophole".


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