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Product Commentary: CLUBMAN Shave Gel

Shave Gel
Sensitive Skin

I wrote about CLUBMAN Shave Cream, which is an exceptional product.

However, this shave gel I did not think was nearly as good as the creme version. The biggest problem was that it did not do a good job cutting down on the friction of shaving. It was painful to shave. If this is not too much of an issue for some shavers, than the fact that this product is clear and doesn't really lather up, can make for a nice visible shave. This is one product where you can really see where you are shaving.

So, if you want a visible shave, this could be the product for you. Could be good for trimmed/shaped beards, etc. But if you need a more comfortable shave, this product probable is not for you.

One thing that I (of course) don't like is the artificial and natural fragrances (not the best for sensitive skincare, as this product is claiming to be). I must say though, it does smell great. Masculine and clean, an excellent scent for a men's shaving product.


  1. what abt products that claim to be free of synthetic ingredients(er... like dr hauschka)??

    since we can only be sure that some of these preservatives r harmful, why don't we simply take the easy way out n avoid all of them?

    is it a better choice, or perhap these products don't work?

  2. Many of the products that claim to be free of synthetics are most often just "plain old lying!" However, many products might be free of synthetics, but depending on what it is (and how quickly it is supposed to be used) it might not have an effective preservation system.

    We can't take out preservatives because this can lead to contamination of the products, which in turn can cause an infection in the user! Not very good "skin care" huh?

    I'm not sure about the Hauska products you are referring to but I'll check it out!

  3. hello dr. david, i find your reviews very useful and thank you for taking the time to write them.

    while i know you don't like recommending specific products/brands and i respect you for that, i'm in a bit of a desperate situation and would love any help/guidance you can provide. my boyfriend has hypersensitive skin and breaks out horribly around his neck after each shave. his shaves are SO bad he has to sleep facing up so his face/neck won't rub the pillow.

    is there anything at all you can advise to help him in this matter?

    i have already spent hundreds of dollars purchasing pricey products claiming to get rid of the irritation/break-outs post shave, but none have proven effective.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks in advance :)


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