A quick response to some emails on Parabens

Here is a quick response to some misconceptions on parabens. Many people have emailed me thinking that we need to eliminate parabens to prevent "even the smallest amount" from entering out systems. I have some bad news for anyone trying to eliminate parabens from their skincare "diet". Parabens are not just in skincare! It's would be important to say that Parabens are actually used to preserve different types of medications/immunizations that are injected directly into our system!

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Anonymous said...

This is insanity. Why can't they go with vacuum technology or make 'em as we use 'em? Because of pricing right or scalability? I think it is more because of financing the business and banks are not interested in small size businesses. But this is what got us into trouble in the first place and now we are dealing with a collapse of the system!

Which hospitals and doctors who care about their patients are doing well these days? Yes, we can blame it on the 'health insurance' or we can evaluate why are there so many cases of nosocomial outbreaks.

Parabens and other preservatives are used for scalability so that products can be sold year after year.

And for vaccines? Why do they put thimerosol in the vaccines? What's up with that? Another harmless ingredient?

And baby's bottles? Why is the bisphenol-A (BPA) in there?

And then the milk -why is there melamine in the milk? I asked my doctor and he never even heard of melamine until the recent news.

"They -big industry" tell us lots of things and ask 'us' the consumer to prove it. We're not the ones who should have to prove things.

And doc, why is it that www.cyagra.com is allowed? Do you agree that eating this beef that has genetic engineered sources is fine? It's proven to be safe as long as you don't eat the engineered animal ... just the offspring. I think it is more for financial reasons since the GMO steer is probably very expensive.

I don't mean to put you on the spot. I've seen a few good friends go down after eating/using products when they were 'guaranteed' to be safe. Guaranteed by who? Once there's a problem, it's with you for life.

And why don't they come up with solutions that are NON-CONTROVERSIAL? It is because they don't care about that ... just keep the status quo and let us consumers suffer more.