A shame: price gouging on dermatology medications.

Here's a story about the massive increases for some dermatology drug prices. I know so many patients whose lives are truly held back because they have to shell out thousands of dollars fort medications a month. It's shameful and absolutely unacceptable. Follow the link to learn more.

Steep price increases hit patients using dermatology drugs


Unknown said...

Especially Ritalin which should have a worldwide ban on it as it has such long tern permanent side effects and was NEVER made for Patients with "so called Acne" when all it is, is a bacterial rash. True Acne is resented with large raised angry carbuncles. It is disgusting how Dermatologist hand this out willy-nilly, absolutely criminal!

Wendy Ferguson
Advanced Aesthetician
South Africa

Anonymous said...

It's all so sad...anything for a buck.