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Is the Botox Facial really a thing?

The Botox® Facial is pretty much one of the latest crazes in the medical cosmetic world. This nearly $1000 facial procedure is a completely different twist on the typical use of Botox®.

Typical use of Botox® involves the injection of deeper muscles in the face in order to paralyze them and prevent their movement... resulting in relaxing lines and wrinkles.

The Botox® Facial is a completely different use of Botox®. During this procedure the Botox®, along with nutrients, vitamins, and typically hyaluronic acid are introduced more superficially via microneedling. The Botox and complimentary ingredients are placed into the dermis itself. This works by paralyzing the muscles attached to sweat glands and follicles. The result is a more superficial smoothing of the skin, decreased oil and sweat production, and decreased pore size.

To be honest, the procedure absolutely does work in delivering the promised effects. However, results will depend on how much Botox® is used in the procedure as well as the other ingredients used in the concocted serum. And, of course, the other thing to weight is the price itself. Overall, if done properly, there in minimal concern for any significant side effects. I would make sure that the microneedling device uses disposable tips for the most hygienic practice. 

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