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Organic Deodorant


It's nice to present some "natural" alternatives to typical products. Many people are interested in natural deodorants, so I'll present one. I came across one by erbaviva. It's a "Jasmine & Grapefruit organic deodorant".

Here's the ingredient list: Alcohol, grapefruit peel oil, cypress oil, ginger root extract, cederwood oil, orange peel oil, lemon peel oil, jasmine flower oil, sage oil, benzyl benzoate, citral, eugenol, geraniol, limonene, linalool.

The product claims to be made with over 99% organic ingredients. It's totally possible. Analysis Well, let's just say, I believe that it does in fact work as a deodorant. However, simply put, it does smell. It claims to be "floral", I'd say it's more "woodsy/musk". Sometimes natural oils are not the best things to use directly on the skin. However, sage oil and cypress oil have been used directly on the skin without any research showing any significant adverse effects. Just a side note: if using products with a lot of natural oils, check to make sure the oils are okay for the skin. Some good points It lacks highly synthetic active ingredients and has no artificial fragrances. And these are some significant good points. Not so good points Not too much. Lemon oil is not particularly great for the skin. In fact some research has shown that it can cause some degree of phototoxicity. But this is probably not much of a worry since the amount of lemon oil is not highly concentrated in this product. If you want to be really really cautious then don't use it before going out to the beach. Overall To be honest I don't like the smell too much, but there are other scents available. I would give this a THUMBS UP!

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